Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wish-List Wednesday!

I don't know that I'm really crazy about Lady Gaga, but the hype is infectious.

This shirt:

Except it's an exorbitant amount of money and on principle I don't know how I feel about buying things from a website that crashed 10 times while I just tried to GET to this shirt.

This shirt:
Lady Gaga T-Shirt I'm A Free Bitch, Baby!
It's just bright and offensive enough that even if you don't know that it's a Lady Gaga quote, it gives off the same feel.

This shirt:
Perez Hilton - GAGA Is My Bitch Unisex Black Fine Jersey Tee - T-Shirt
I don't even get it, but it's so ridiculous and feeding in to the hype! NEEEEEED. Plus it's from Perez, so it'll make me all hipster-y and cool.

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