Friday, July 9, 2010

Hollywood Should Start with Not Making Re-Makes, Though

The media obsession over actors has completely ruined movies. I can't watch a movie now without thinking, "lol he peed his pants once lololol." (I refuse to acknowledge whether or not I ACTUALLY think like this >.>)

It's not about the movies, the stories, the entertainment. It's about how one time Mel Gibson was drunk driving and called the cop that pulled him over "sugar tits." It's about how Tom Cruise is a scientologist and let's his 5-year-old daughter dress him. It's about how Jodie Foster was the inspiration for some guy to try and kill Ronald Reagan. And kind of seems like she might be a lesbian.

Despite all this, I really enjoy celebrity gossip. Something about the lives of the rich and famous is intriguing. Maybe I feel a little vicarious about the whole thing. Picking apart Kristin Stewart for choosing such a terrible Chanel gown. Berating Miley Cyrus for such a sexy dance routine in front of millions of people. They're so easy to judge, and they live such fabulous lives.

But it really does mean that the quality of the entertainment is diminished. It's always going to be obscured by the OTHER story going on. Brad Pitt cheated on Jennifer Aniston with Angelina Jolie while he filmed Mr. and Mrs. Smith? Do you think I really watched that movie? Hell no.

I'll NEVER be able to watch a Lindsey Lohan movie the same way ever again. I don't even know where to begin with the Lohan story.

You hear about how celebrities hate the obsession, and I think some of them genuinely do. But the fact is that the industry is built around the obsession. The stars go on promotional tours for the movie, which would be completely useless if no one cared to hear about the people behind the movie. Movies will intentionally pick certain actors and actresses simply because of their "Blockbuster draw" AKA the height of their celebrity. Not being a celebrity and the public not being interested in your life is ultimately a career killer for so many. To say they don't care is untrue, they do care if they care about their career.

It's just a shame, because it's slowly killing the movie industry itself.


  1. Read the Mel Gibson Cracked article? Hilarity.

    Also: You didn't watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith? Shame, it was a damn fine movie.

  2. Well... it was a damn OKAY movie.