Monday, June 21, 2010

Whose View is This. Seriously.

The View is just offensive now.

Joy Behar is the condescending liberal. She gets on her high horse and when she loses a fight it's some form of "Oh you just don't get it."

Elizabeth Hasselbeck is the token conservative, so that all the other women with similar traditional, often bigoted views can have their opinions heard.

Sherri Shepherd is just unintelligent. All you need to do is search "Sherri Shepherd" on youtube, and the list of videos is just mind-boggling. My personal favorite: "Is the world flat?"

Barbara Walters sits on that corner of the table and giggles to herself with evilness. She prods the fire and rarely actually adds her own opinion. While I appreciate the inclusion of Elizabeth as an attempt at some balence, at the same time it feels like Barbara is feeding the snakes with her.

I watched an episode the other day, Barbara was out and they had two guys on the show, Keith Olbermann and some other guy. I found myself agreeing with the guys all the time, and never with the women.

What kind of a view are they really trying to portray here, I have to wonder.

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