Sunday, June 13, 2010

What Am I Gunna DO.

This morning Erik and I were sitting in his car about to head into his apartment when I saw a little chipmunk. My reaction was pretty much:

We sat and watched the chipmunk crawling around, and then there was a squirrel nearby and we watched that, and there were also some birds and stuff. Basically we watched an animal breakfast buffet.

It sounds boring and dumb, and rightfully so. To a lot of people it probably is. But it was enjoyable! I feel so lucky that I have someone in my life I can be myself around, completely unhindered. I didn't have to stop myself from pointing out the chipmunk, or laughing at it just doing nothing. I'm a ridiculous and silly person, and not only does he not mind that, he genuinely likes it.

Quite a wonderful feeling.


  1. dumb... how absurd! and totally jealous that you found a guy who likes you for you :)

  2. and by dumb i mean they say DUMB... how absurd!