Friday, June 11, 2010

Rara Ah-ah-ah Rom-- ohh knock it off.

Lady Gaga is so freaking interesting. For lots of reasons.

I first heard of her on Perez Hilton's blog, as he was one of the first people to pick up on her and I read his blog regularly. I loved her daring attitude and her apparent allergy to pants. She was pretty cool to look at. Just Dance was a cool song. It was all pretty tame on the outset.

I remember Erik asking me one day why I was laughing, to which I responded, "Lady Gaga and her crazy outfits."

"Who's that?" he said.

Who's that indeed.

Honestly, I still don't really know. A feminist icon? Maybe, but her insistence to others to not have sex is a little counter to that philosophy. A genius? She certainly uses a lot of imagery indicating that she puts a lot of thought into everything she does.

A man? I still find this offensive. Is it really so hard to believe that someone this talented is a man? Do you really have to be a man in order to take ownership of your own sexuality, instead of selling it out to the masses? Besides, I thought the Telephone video settled this.

She's also apparently a part of the Illuminati.

People are trying so hard to peg her they're starting to lose track of what's real and what's clearly blatant conspiracy. Lady Gaga is an entertainer. An entertainer that takes herself far too seriously.

The director of Alejandro took some time to defend the religious imagery. He explained that the ingestion of the rosary beads represents her "desire to take in the holy."

hdsfdslfks. I know I'm not an "artist" and not skilled at "reading in to things," but this seems so over the top ridiculous. Does ANYONE actually think this when they see this video? Even on a subconscious level?

To top it all off, people are bothering to get offended by her. I decided to watch the Alejandro video since it's been getting so much play as being "controversial." I thought she must have really outdone herself. I guess you could say that, but I wasn't offended by anything, even trying to view it through the gaze of a Catholic. I was too busy thinking "WTF?" to be offended.

To the people of the world: Lighten up.

To the Haus of Gaga: Lighten up.

Seriously guys, life is too short and hilarious to do anything other than for the lulz. You'll stress yourself out.

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  1. She wore a dildo under her outfit at one show, iirc, leading to the belief she was a hermaphrodite.

    I don't like her because irony sucks ass these days. So do lulz.