Tuesday, April 27, 2010

go go gadget BLOG.

So. I'm starting a blog. I hate the word blog, it makes everyone who says it sound stupid and trendy (I'd link to maddox here but I guess his site is still on April Fool's mode?). But that's what this is! A blog!

Do I have a whole lot of things to say? I think so. I have lots of ideas like everyone else, and I find sometimes that my ideas are not expressed well by other people (read: Glenn Beck, angry feminists, religious sympathizers). I also think that I have a (somewhat) unique combination of beliefs, and my perspective may be interesting to, at the very least, people who are friends with me on facebook! You all like commenting on my statuses, and don't lie, I know some of you stalk but don't comment!

All those comments have led me to believe I'm interesting. Or at least that I link to interesting things on the internet.

Ultimately, this will give me an opportunity to express my opinions with more than a few sentences, and I like that. It's also a great outlet to get feedback on my opinions, and I like that too. It also might stop the spamming that I tend to do some days, which you will like.

Except the Kanye West quotes. Those will still be posted on facebook. Because he is super lulzy and I need everyone to know it. EVERYONE.