Monday, September 13, 2010

My Thoughts On This Semester

I enjoy science. I enjoy cool things that science allows us to do, and I love how science is just super fun to learn. I don't care how much you enjoy Jane Austin, reading her books is never going to be as fun as lighting stuff on fire. Or creating a really loud noise from a bunsen burner. Or any other number of super sweet demonstrations.

But I hate labs.

I think it has to do with my slight OCD tendencies. I feel like once ONE THING goes wrong, then the whole thing is doomed. I get freaked out that the last few molecules in the beaker that I couldn't get out are now going to throw my entire data set off. I puts around forever putting off the inevitable pouring I have to do.

My data is never right and my blood pressure is always twice what it should be.

BUT! Today went awesome. I mean, we were doing titrations, and I've done those before. A lot. So I felt comfortable with that idea. They told us to get this color and not that color, and everybody kept getting that color but all three of mine were this color.

And it felt so good.

And my data didn't completely suck. And then I got out with 40 minutes to spare!

Remember last semester?

Yeah. That semester.

Well this semester is going to be SO MUCH BETTER. It's going to be way more like this:

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  1. So my computer broke and I get to catch up on blogs sporadically now, but I TOTALLY know how you feel about the lab situation!! And, I'm glad that you were getting the right colors for your titrations :) Sweet success! I hope that the semester continues to be pleasant for you!